Dana Leviston hair and makeup melbourne

Hello Bride-to-be.
On your big day we know that you want to look like the best version of yourself.
You do not want to look painted or fake. You want to glow. 
Authentic beauty begins with a conversation. Tell us how you want to look and feel on this day. 

Show us the images you have carefully collected. How do you picture the light on your face?
What colour are your flowers? We’ll listen, and then we will transform you, and your party.

We know that, on this day,  you want clarity and transparency with cost.
With our bridal packages, you’ll know exactly how much you will pay.

We know that weddings, with their deep significance, may be taut with tension.
But rest assured, we bring a calm, nurturing energy to your day. 
Tell us what your fears are. A huge pimple?  Your bridesmaid is sunburnt?
Don’t worry. Whatever crops up: we’ve got this.

Make yourself at home in our private city studio while we get you fancy for your special occasion. There are tunes, tea and a dressing screen. We can even organise catering.
Alternatively we can come to you on-location.

Choose from one of our packages below.